The Boathouse Theatre
70th Aniversary
2018 Season

A Dolls House
Nora Helmer has it all: a successful and attractive husband, a big house and two charming children. But as Christmas festivities get underway, events from the past return to wreak havoc in paradise. Nora’s life begins to fracture, leaving her trapped inside a web of secrets and lies… Will the truth set her free or is she in too deep?

In the original play, Ibsen controversially exposed the power and gender dynamics of a marriage. This modern take, by celebrated New Zealand writer Emily Perkins, picks up Ibsen’s gauntlet and drops it into present-day New Zealand.

A Pack Of Girls

A classic NZ comedy that sees rugby live on stage following a disgruntled ‘Rugby Widow’, Pam, whose husband has misguided dreams of being a rugby star. Pam leads an all female rugby team through challenges on and off the field. Pack of Girls is full of wit and banter in a boisterous battle of the sexes.

Middle Aged Spread
Three couples attend a dinner none of them wants to be at. Colin is in his 40s and just been appointed as a principal. The play shows Colin’s doubts and anxieties about his job and role as teacher. A comic tragedy about the lives and marriages of middle-class, middle-aged New Zealanders.

Footrot Flats
The comic strip style is retained within the story in which town versus country as Cheeky tries to lure Wal away from the farm. The familiar characters of Wal, Dog, Cheeky, Aunt Dolly, Horse, Cooch, Prince Charles, Dolores and others provide between them two hours of music and laughter.